The Ovens are Cold – a poem

I wanted to do something to mark the life of Peggy Lipton who sadly passed away last week. I don’t know much about the lady herself, but I thought she brought so much love and warmth to the character of Norma Jennings in Twin Peaks that I thought I could approach it that way. This is a poem I wrote. I hope you enjoy it and that it reminds you of her and the character that she breathed such beautiful life into.

Ovens are cold

No sound of frying bacon

jukebox is silent

No orders will be taken

You filled it with love

Now just so much space

You were it’s beating heart

Now there’s not a trace

Years of heartache

Life behind painted smiles

Until at last love came for you

Redeeming all your trials

Napkins folded stiffly

Menus standing tall

But all will go untouched today

As if covered by a shawl

Your inner strength

Shone out for all to see

Lover, friend and confidant

They all will lesser be

For in the diner all is cold

No pie or coffee steams

Customers are gone today

remembering you in dreams

Your wise counsel; open heart

The way you knew them all

Each customer was family

With you for the long haul

The Double R; your life’s creation

Will stand for years to come

May all who eat there think of you

And savour every crumb

Thanks for reading,


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