The Story of BOB – a sonnet

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I knocked up another sonnet to stand by my earlier efforts for Laura Palmer and Agent Cooper. This one concerns the story of the dark force present in Twin Peaks: the inhabiting spirit, the evil that men do, the one known as BOB.  Here is his story:

story of Bob 2.png

The Story of BOB

Loathsome spirit in a dark maelstrom born,

Howling through a tear man’s arrogance ripped,

This heartless creature with foul intent slipped,

To sow mayhem in the nuclear dawn.


Finding a host, he espied a small boy,

Who life promised a future of renown.

With his fury wore resistance down,

Until the child accepted him; became his toy.


Years BOB waited, foul appetites within,

His vehicle grown in stature over time,

Then acted: a frenzy of brutal crime.

Young victims taken, skulls and souls caved in,

All to lure his intended prey to him,

A true white knight soon bent to BOB’s dark whim.


By Richard Austin


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All images come via Unsplash – Credit to Sam Sy, Mahdis Mousavi and Tim Scharner

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