The Speed of Light – a sonnet

HI there, We’re having a writing competition at school for the children along the theme of time travel.  One of the categories is poetry; the children have to write a poem entitled The Speed of Light. I couldn’t resist having a go myself, thinking about some of Carl Sagan’s thoughts on the universe. I chose […]

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The Story of BOB – a sonnet

Hi everyone, I knocked up another sonnet to stand by my earlier efforts for Laura Palmer and Agent Cooper. This one concerns the story of the dark force present in Twin Peaks: the inhabiting spirit, the evil that men do, the one known as BOB.  Here is his story: The Story of BOB Loathsome spirit […]

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Two Coopers – Two Sonnets

I was going to save these until Saturday, but then I saw that it was Kyle Maclachlan’s birthday today, so I thought I’d move it up the list a little.  Following on from my poem, A Sonnet for Laura Palmer the other day, I decided to keep on going and write another one; this time about […]

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A Sonnet for Laura Palmer

Hi everyone, This is my 200th post so I wanted to do something a little out of the ordinary to mark the occasion. Since I started the website I’ve written about lots of different things from my book to my life to Blake’s 7 and other science fiction stuff and about Twin Peaks. Someone’s editing […]

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