Saturday Night Photoshop

  Decided to do something different for a change of pace.  I was walking the boy down to the park yesterday and happened upon some big rolls of pipework.  It reminded me of something so I took a photo and set to work on Photoshop.  My skills with this are not exactly great, but I […]

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Brick Walls

So, after 8,000 words of Book 2 that came spilling out of me with such ease, I hit a brick wall this week.  Chapter 3 started with a very nice paragraph that I was very happy with and then ground unceremoniously to a halt. Worse than that, in fact. The words kept coming but I […]

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How could I forget?

Just a quick note.  I’ve been told by someone who shall remain nameless that I left a spaceship off my Top 50 list that should have been included.  Here it is, Button Moon rocket at number 53.  I can’t say it’s a masterpiece, being that it consists of a tin of beans, a funnel and […]

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Sunday Writing

Back at the coffee house for a couple of hours this morning to carry on with the story.  I was very happy with Chapter 1 and where it ended up.  Now I’m back into Paul’s world to see where he’s got to in the last few months #visitinghours Richard

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