Monday Music 9 – 2018

One of my favourite games of all time has to be Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.  It was my introduction to the GTA franchise and, although I was slow to get into it, it soon became just about as addictive a game as I can remember.  It was a massive world to explore. So far […]

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Monday Music 8 – 2018

I was thinking back to an old video game this morning: Bioshock 2. Not that old, granted, but it seems like a lifetime ago that I played through it. The first Bioshock game was great but the sequel really pulled out all the stops and made for a really immersive (pardon the pun), creepy experience. […]

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The Story of BOB – a sonnet

Hi everyone, I knocked up another sonnet to stand by my earlier efforts for Laura Palmer and Agent Cooper. This one concerns the story of the dark force present in Twin Peaks: the inhabiting spirit, the evil that men do, the one known as BOB.  Here is his story: The Story of BOB Loathsome spirit […]

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Enter the “World of Strange”

Hi everyone, Thought I’d take a minute to promote some great work that has been done by a friend of mine, Frank Cronogue. Frank’s been busy producing a series of  YouTube shows called “World of Strange” about some of the stranger things that go on in our world.  I’ve been severely sleep-deprived in the past couple […]

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Monday Music 7 – 2018

Holding a baby as I type so I’ll be keeping this one brief. I chose Francis Monkman’s wonderful theme from The Long Good Friday. Monkman was part of the prog rock band, Curved Air. Also during his career he has worked with The Shadows, Elton John and Brian Eno. His theme has an icy coldness […]

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