A little something from me.

Hi there, One more post for my birthday.  Here’s a little taster from Book 2, which I am currently working on. The black car sat idling by the roadside, a figure discernible at the steering wheel. Ruby strained to see through to the back seat but the angle was not good enough and she had […]

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P is for a Polish Wedding

I was honoured, at the beginning of the month, to be invited to a wedding in Poland.  It was the last of my close friends to tie the knot and the wife and I, accompanied by the boy, made the trip across Europe to attend.  It was our first trip to eastern Europe.  Actually, it […]

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Monday Music 14 – 2017

This week’s tune comes from a childhood favourite of mine: the 1966 musical, A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum. It’s one of those films that would always end up being put on during dull Sundays by my Dad to liven things up a little bit. If you haven’t seen it, I […]

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A Twin Peaks Conversation

Hi there, As promised, here is a link to my conversation with Cameron and Hal on the YouTube channel, Obnoxious and Anonynous.  We talked about all manner of things from Twin Peaks to Eraserhead and beyond.  It was very late at night and I probably slurred my words and made no sense whatsoever but it […]

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I’m going to be on YouTube!

Update: Since I published my article about the new series of Twin Peaks, I’ve received lots of positive feedback about it.  It’s gone on to become my second most viewed post this year (second only to the mammoth Top 50 Spaceships ever (plus mine!) post from January). Anyway, in addition to the many views, I was […]

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Monday Music 14 – 2017

This week’s tune: What is there to say?  It’s a near perfect fit for the film, combining youth, hope and innocence with the real gravity of the subject matter.  Elmer Bernstein composed the music for around 250 films.  This was one of his best. And here’s one of my favourite scenes from the film as a […]

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Monday Music 13 – 2017

Here’s a beautiful piece of music from Ken Burns’ 11 hour documentary series about the US Civil War. People tend to think it’s an old traditional tune however it was actually written by Jay Ungar in 1982 and used for the series in 1990. I love it. It has a nice build up and a […]

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