Monday Music 12 – 2018

After a few posts about poetry and touchy-feely stuff, I felt like getting into some movie soundtrack stuff for a change. I’ve done War films, I’ve done Westerns.  I was struggling to pick another genre.  Then I realised that I can do whatever I want because this is my website. Therefore, this week, I decided to […]

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Shelly’s Tale – a poem

Hi there, I had another idea for a poem and I decided to go back to that Irish verse style called Ae Freislighe (ay fresh-lee) that I did a while ago. As I explained in that post, Ae Freislighe are highly regimented and have a complex arrangement of syllables and rhymes. It has stanzas of four […]

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Monday Music 11 – 2018

So after doing War films last week, I thought I’d go on and do another one of my favourite genres this week. Here are my top 3 opening themes from Westerns… 3- High Noon (1952)   Tex Ritter scored a hit on the Country and Western charts with “Do Not Forsake Me, My Darling” on the back […]

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