Monday Music 6 – 2018

Hi everyone, This week, I thought I would look back at my childhood and give a couple of examples that I remember from long car journeys growing up.  The car looked something like this. A Ford Sierra. Ours was blue. Back in the old days there were two cassettes that were destined to come on anytime […]

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The Lodge Palindrome – a poem

Just thought I’d experiment a little bit with another poetic form: the palindrome. It’s very hard to get it right and to make sure that the second half makes sense. Quite happy with this for a first attempt, though. Agony is freedom, And lodges fill spirits As darkness pulls light away, Longer no kindness can […]

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Monday Music 5 – 2018

This is the last of these posts that I’m going to dedicate to my favourite bands for the time being. I’m going to move back to doing a particular piece of music each week. The last entry I’m going to do isn’t actually a band at all.  I’m going back to the USA to talk […]

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