Monday Music 26 – 2018

Fourth in my series of posts looking at my favourite soundtracks. I cannot believe that I only thought of this one today. It’s so much a part of my childhood that I almost don’t count it as a film; more of a home movie. American Graffiti I watched this so much growing up that it’s […]

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Monday Music 25 – 2018

Third in my series of favourite film soundtracks. This one came out of nowhere as I was thinking the other day. Maybe it’s because the nights are drawing in and I associate this film with Christmas even though it’s not a Christmas film. Sleepless in Seattle There are some great songs on this soundtrack, from […]

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Monday Music 24 – 2018

The second of my favourite film soundtracks is Doug Liman’s 1999 comedy… Go If you haven’t seen it, it’s the tale of one weekend through several sets of eyes, some young convenience store workers, a couple of actors and a drug dealer or two. It stars Sarah Polley, Timothy Olyphant, Katie Holmes and Taye Diggs […]

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Monday Music 23 – 2018

Hi there, I’ve decided to devote the next few Monday Music posts to some of my favourite film soundtracks. I’ve done a lot of the orchestral scores before but I was thinking of the ones that feature mainly popular music. I thought I would start with probably my favourite of them all, 1997’s Grosse Pointe Blank. […]

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