My World Cup Memories

With the beginning of the World Cup today, I thought it would be worthwhile going on a little jaunt down memory lane and remembering where I was during the tournaments that I can remember. I’ll say a little bit about my life at the time, my memories of the tournament and anything else that springs […]

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The Andromeda Experience – 7

Adventures on Voeld Eventually, I had to leave the safety of my patio heater and venture out into the frigid, barren wilderness of Voeld.  I love the way the way the planet has been drawn. It’s lovely to look at and frequently I would stop the Nomad and just admire the view.  The one downside […]

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Monday Music 15 – 2018

This week’s Monday Music comes from Spike Lee’s 2006 film, Inside Man, which starred Denzel Washington, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Jodie Foster and Clive Owen.  I remember going to see this in the cinema with my brother. It has the most wonderful opening sequence, showing different parts of New York city as the robbers drive into Manhattan. […]

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The Forgotten Pieces

Hi everyone, I’ve had another article published, not on Taste of Cinema this time but on the 25YL TV and Film website. Surprise, surprise, its Twin Peaks related. I’ve written about the European pilot episode of the series and how I view the extra scenes at the end, especially in light of Season 3. Hope […]

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Monday Music 14 – 2018

I’ve had this stuck in my head since Saturday night so it had to this week’s Monday Music.  I had my first cinema experience of 2018 on Saturday night when I finally went to see Marvel’s Avengers –  Infinity War Part 1. What a film! I was blown away by the way they brought everyone […]

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Monday Music 13 – 2018

I owe this week’s Monday Music to my Dad. Growing up, I used to hear all sorts of things from the big tower system that we had at home. I used to wonder what all the buttons were for on it and I still don’t know. This is just one of those things we used […]

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