W is for Writing

When I started this website, I think one of the first things I wrote was about my life with science fiction and what I used to read and write about when I was young.  I used to love writing stories when I was young. They were usually based on something I’d read or seen on […]

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V is for Vampires (and Val)

I know, the picture above is not a vampire. It’s James Mason.  He’s playing Mr Straker in Salem’s Lot. I just couldn’t resist having James Mason up front. So, here’s V, and this might end up reading a little bit more like one of my Taste of Cinema articles, although I’m allowed to give my […]

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Monday Music 24 – 2017

When it comes to Star Trek music, sometimes it’s hard to see past the original theme by Alexander Courage, Jerry Goldsmith’s one and James Horner’s work. I was watching Star Trek Beyond the other night, however, and it struck me what a good job Michael Giacchino had done with creating an original sound for the […]

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A trip to Brooklands Museum

I love a good day out and I’m always interested to find new places to take the boy.  I had very little in the way of expectations when I went to Brooklands the other day, besides the fact that they had a Concorde.  I was very happy to discover that it was filled with interesting […]

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U is for University

It seems like fate that I’m at U now of all times.  It’s the time of year when freshers are just starting their journeys to Colleges all around the country, including some of my old Year 6 pupils.  The other day I drove past Royal Holloway and all the signs were up for ‘student arrivals’.  […]

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