Monday Music 22 – 2018

This week’s Monday Music is two great performances from this weekend’s Twin Peaks UK Festival.  Chrysta Bell and Rebekah Del Rio both put in stunning performances which the audio on my camcorder does no justice to whatsoever. They were both wonderful and so different. I’ll be following up in the next couple of days with […]

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Deleted Scenes #1

Hi there, As I said a few weeks ago, I am looking at some rewrites of the beginning of my book. Part of the process is what is referred to as ‘killing your darlings.’ That is the process of cutting large chunks of writing that you are really in love with but that ultimately don’t […]

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Monday Music 21 – 2018

I used to watch this all the time when I was growing up. Before he was joined by Ice Man and Firestar, it was just Spidey in the cartoons. The theme music was very memorable and I still know most of the words to this day. That’s why it was so nice to see it […]

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