The Speed of Light – a sonnet

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We’re having a writing competition at school for the children along the theme of time travel.  One of the categories is poetry; the children have to write a poem entitled The Speed of Light. I couldn’t resist having a go myself, thinking about some of Carl Sagan’s thoughts on the universe.

I chose to make it a sonnet as I haven’t done one of those for a while. Not sure about the rhythm of it but the structure really fit what I wanted to say. Hope you enjoy it.

The Speed of Light

Refractions off dust; unrelenting haze

Of moisture hanging in the frigid air,

Scatters visions of what was once out there,

Universe of never-ending light rays.

Galactic tapestry; uncounted stars,

Send to us cross distances so vast

A glimpse of how they were in distant past,

Drifting into their future as we to ours.

“Telescopes are time machines,” Sagan said,

And all the evidence there to be seen,

Cloudless nights, look up at all that has been.

Before history was written or read,

Infinite drama, there for me and you,

Through crisp, cold air the past is there to view.



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