In the Rough – a poem

Went for 9 holes of golf this afternoon. It didn’t go well. I did come out of it with this, though. Hope you enjoy it.


In The Rough

With a swing and a miss

And a miss and a swing,

Hell with the scorecard;

Don’t write a thing!

Putters and irons

And woods and all that,

You may as well play

With a cricket bat!

Relaxed or not,

Your shots go askew.

You’d have more luck

With a snooker cue!

Slice in the river,

Scuff in the rough.

It’s plain to see, Sir

You don’t have the stuff

But staring at trees

Sure beats four walls.

You think as you hunt

For your wayward balls.

You’re out of the house

Enjoying fresh air

And if your short game is sloppy,

You don’t really care!


Thanks for reading,


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