Slouching Towards Diabetes – a poem

Hi everyone,

I am taking a break from chocolate, sweets and biscuits for the next few weeks beacuse I’m aware of how much rubbish I have been shovelling into my body over the last few weeks (and way back beyond that too). This cold turkey approach has left me wandering around, shaking like some kind of crack addict. Today has been better than yesterday but I am finding it really hard.

Anyway, I wrote this poem about how things are at the minute. Hope you like it.

Slouching Towards Diabetes

I’m a teacher and teachers snack,

But just one biscuit becomes a whole pack.

Whether bourbons, fingers or custard creams,

Chocolate and sugar are recurring themes.

I know such excesses must surely do ill,

And yet I can never quite have my fill.

Rooms full of pastries; how do I resist?

With knuckles white round a tightly-clenched fist.

It’s all around me, so cheap to acquire,

From the shop down the road to the world entire.

An hour ago I decided with zeal,

To quit all this sugar and live the ideal.

So why am I constantly catching myself,

Thinking of things on that second shelf?

Why do I lurk at the cupboard door,

With longings that feel so hard to ignore?

For a substance that’s stronger than any drug,

That congeals in my veins as a lethal plug.

The beautiful pleasure of each tasty snack,

Will usher me into my first heart attack.

And I’ll fail; make excuses and be all pathetic

As I slouch into life as a Type 2 diabetic.

Or maybe I won’t; maybe all will be well,

I’ll escape from the vice-grip of sugar’s sweet spell!

We’ll just have to wait and watch this space,

For sugar-free liberty, or Death’s cold embrace…

Cheers for reading. Wish me luck as I battle against sugar.



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