Solitaire – a haiku sequence

Hi everyone,

If there is a Twin Peaks character who sums up 2020 so far, it has to be the reclusive Harold Smith, played so wonderfully by Lenny von Dohlen.

I haven’t written any Twin Peaks poetry in a while, but I kept seeing his image pop up on social media and I was compelled to write something. What better way for me to do that than a few haikus. Hope you enjoy them.


In Massachusetts

Far away from prying eyes

A boy was reading

Sucking from pages

All the nectar denied him

We take for granted

Trauma so ancient

Pressed before conscience was born

Locked away inside

Locked away inside

No breath of wind on his face

No sunlight’s warm ray

A sickly flower

Spindle stem reaching too far

To grasp at beauty

Amidst the orchids

The boy grown up ever lives

In lives of others

They cross his threshold

And impart a glimpse of truth

To be recorded

And after, mocking

They take their leave easily

Glide out through the door

And Harold remains

Their life stories resounding

Around his four walls

Until one last tale

One last untruth from without

For this lonely soul

Here’s a link to the video on YouTube

Thanks for reading. With the lockdown we’re living with at the minute, I also came up with this nonet as part of some poetry sessions I’m doing at school.


Confined together eternally

Nought but each other’s company

Hands drag across the clock face

And nowhere to retreat

As habits come forth





Cheers everyone. If you feel like some more poetry, then please do subscribe or check out the links below.

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