Chord Progression – a poem

Someone mentioned music as a potential subject for a poem. I came up with this. Hope you like it. Could you wish away music from the world? Chord Progression Some fool made a bitter wish beneath a thin duvet, Desperate for sleep and plagued by neighbour’s noise, Invoked a doubting but obedient genie; Bid him […]

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Summer Haze – a poem

I asked one of the children at school today what I should write my next poem about. They said summer, so that’s what I did. I enlisted their help a little by giving them big bits of chalk and asking them to write some ideas on the playground around mine. It was a strange feeling […]

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Origami – a poem

Here’s another poem that I wrote. It’s about origami. I was thinking about it today and it made me sad. The paper was once a majestic tree, chopped down and then used to make a representation of a living thing; perhaps even a tree.   Crisply folded lines Turn flat planes to wing├ęd beasts, All […]

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Queen of Hearts update January 2020

Hi everyone, Thought I’d do a quick update about Queen of Hearts, Cameron Cloutier’s Twin Peaks fan film currently in production. As I said back in November, filming is well underway and it looks like this project may meet its scheduled release date this summer. Images have been appearing regularly on the film’s dedicated Facebook […]

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