Alert – a few haikus

Haven’t written anything of my own for ages. I was really struggling for inspiration and feeling a bit desperate, so I clung on to the only thing I could think of: todays UK National alert text. Sorry I’m advance but I needed to write something, anything. Poised for an alert, A whole nation’s attention, Waiting […]

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Dust Gathers – a triolet

Hi everyone, Another poem – this time it’s a triolet. This is a short 8-line stanza poem dating back to 13th Century France. the rhyme scheme is pretty easy to spot. It was done really well by Thomas Hardy when the form reached England in the 19th Century. I decided to write about the dust […]

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Bee – a poem

Happy New Year. This one just came to me and I thought I would get it down before it buzzed off. There’s a bee that’s always buzzing In the corners of my mind, Rooting out and nagging, At whatever peace I find. Six hairy legs are always tapping When I try to just relax, Stroking […]

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Waves Beat Down – a poem

Some one asked me today if I was doing any more haikus. I was suddenly inspired and here are four of them. I’ve been learning about resilience over the past couple of days at a conference so that’s what this little sequence explores. Hope you enjoy it. Vast waves beat the shore Seconds, minutes, hours […]

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