Getting to Know You – a haiku sequence

Hi everyone,

It has been quite a while, hasn’t it? Thankfully, inspiration is never as far away as one would think when it comes to the world of Twin Peaks. There is always someone on hand to shift your perspective and make you see things a slightly different way. Usually for me, that inspiration is Maja Ljunggren.

If you haven’t see Maja’s artwork, you should check it out by going here…

She creates such breathtakingly vivid and amazing pieces that responding in words seems so colourless and drab. Words are the only thing I feel comfortable with from a creative perspective, however, so that is my only way to respond.

Anyway, this recent piece featuring Ray Wise’s Leland Palmer took my breath away and made me want to write a poem. Here it is…

Hope you enjoy it!

Getting to Know You


Old Grey Hair looks down,

With patched-up eyes seeing all,

Stretched-wide arms proclaim.


Behind him: burning,

Rends and tears across the sky,

Horizon on fire.


Denim silhouette,

Stuffed and puffed and tinder dry,

Ready to ignite.


To disappear then,

To be all consumed in flames,

And reborn below.


In this man, Leland,

Tailored casualwear crisp,

Perfect Argyll knit.


Not a mark on him,

As he stands among ruins

Conjuring yet more.


Collar buttoned up

Containing all that malice,

That was forced within.


Desiccated straw,

Under the skin; scratching the mind,

Erasing the love.


The corn, it withers,

Mildewed ears hear nothing more,

Just fade and collapse.


Trodden underfoot,

Beneath a Tyrian sky,

Made by so much death.


Leland is the man,

Crackling power lines: his voice,

Carried far away.


His childhood screaming,

In those woods so long ago,

Gone and who knows where?


His mask discarded,

Yet another in its place,

And this more deadly.


What will you do now?

Flick matches in bone-dry fields?

See what comes of that.


Thanks so much for reading. Follow my website for more poems and random stuff, and read my book, The Ardenna Crossing, available on Amazon. Nothing to do with Twin Peaks but it gets decent reviews.

All the best,


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