Curly Kale update

Hi everyone,

Just a quick update on the children’s book I said I was writing. I’m over half way through it now and I’m really happy with how it’s going.

In case you missed my earlier post, it is going to be a children’s picture book written in rhyming couplets. It’s a hard-boiled noir like The Big Sleep or The Maltese Falcon but with vegetables. In terms of the illustrations, I’m seeing something akin to Sin City. Sort of the children’s book, vegetable version of Sin City.

The working title is…

Curly Kale and the roasting of King Edward.

I’m hoping to combine the story with some recipes for the vegetables that kids can make with their parents; healthy vegetarian stuff. These will be done by my talented wife, drawing on her nutrition knowledge.

I’ll give you another update when I finish the text.



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