Waves Beat Down – a poem

Some one asked me today if I was doing any more haikus. I was suddenly inspired and here are four of them. I’ve been learning about resilience over the past couple of days at a conference so that’s what this little sequence explores. Hope you enjoy it. Vast waves beat the shore Seconds, minutes, hours […]

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For Serena – a poem

Yesterday was the 10th anniversary of the day I met my wife. These have been the best ten years of my life and I wanted to mark the occasion with a few words. Bury my face in golden hair Feel her arms encircle me Be removed from chill of air My soul cleansed; made all […]

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Slide – a poem about despair

This poem was inspired by Mike Nelson’s ‘The Asset Strippers’ installation at the Tate Britain, (some pictures of which I have included below), some glass buildings on the South Bank of the Thames by Vauxhall Bridge, and the general state of things around us. Slide Great, great grandad hopelessly alone Smashing up seeds with bits […]

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Bite your tongue – a poem

    Bite your tongue Hold it all in Can’t be the one To make the blade swing It’s not your right Though the lies abound Stay out of sight And don’t make a sound Don’t type a word When your fingers are itching Though it seems so absurd To ignore all the bitching   […]

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The Scene Within – a poem

I passed a house the other day and the inside of the front window was covered with flies; hundreds of them. The place looked like it had been abandoned and yet there were so many flies that I wondered where they had come from. I didn’t know the street and I walked on without doing […]

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