Wisteria – A #whatthehaiku Special

Hi everyone,

This is my first Twin Peaks poem for quite some time. I had a little fun imagining the possibilities that were brought up on Cameron’s podcast the other day. Wisteria could be anything and I welcome whatever it is. Unfortunately, I couldn’t help myself from wandering into the universe of Twin Peaks, especially when I looked at the street view of South Wisteria Avenue in Odessa, Texas.

Whatever Lynch is thinking, I’m all in. I just find Twin Peaks such a rich source of inspiration that, even after about 400 poems, I can always find something new to get excited about.

As I thought about Odessa and Carrie, for some reason an old song by Cowboy Junkies came into my head. This Street, That Man, This Life. The structure helped me to frame what I wanted to explore here. Look up the song if you have five minutes; it’s well worth a listen.

Hope you enjoy the poem. I’ve done a YouTube video as well, which I’ll put at the bottom.




Part 1 – The Street

South Wisteria,

Asphalt strip a border marks,

To barren wildness.

Scrub brush, beaten grass,

Sour, uninviting sky,

Solid, breathless air.

Lifeless, vacant plots,

Sprouting pale, half-hearted weeds,

From lethargic seeds.

Part 2 – The House

Dusty ornaments,

Pictures askew; unloved walls,

Phone that no-one calls.

A chair overturned,

The only evidence left,

Of the end of things.

A tableau of life,

Sound of quiet but not peace,

Shadow at the door.

Part 3 – The Girl

Sweet little Carrie,

Girl who never should have been,

Sweats away the days.

Flower in her hair,

Dead thing cut and clinging on,

Shifted out of place.

She knows they’re coming,

Monsters between folds of light,

In and out of sight.

Part 4 – The Lies

Two doors down, a dish,

Points upwards into deep space,

Messages begin.

Something is buried,

The truth, out beyond this road,

Out for all to see.

Dead ends either way,

Lonely street going nowhere,

Anywhere she looks.



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