Audrey’s Dance – a poem

Maja Ljunggren’s Twin peaks Fan Art


Hey, two poems in two days! I’m back!!

So, following on from my last poem, I happened to see this picture. Of all the wonderful pieces of artwork done the exceptionally talented Maja Ljunggren, this has to be my favourite. She’s really captured the horror of Audrey Horne’s situation, from a young woman with so much potential and power to a frustrated and damaged adult, stuck in middle-aged purgatory with all that potential drained.

The image of Audrey looking into the mirror at that unforgettable end to Part 16 of The Return really touched me, and to see that idea expanded in Maja’s work to include the youth that she was makes it doubly heartbreaking. Add to that the state of the school bathroom around her and it demonstrates the decline of the town as a whole in that long time since Audrey lit up a cigarette and talked to Donna about the fate of her friend.

If you haven’t looked at Maja’s artwork, then I can’t recommend it highly enough. It really is stunning. I’ve put a link right up top so you can go and find it.

Back to Audrey, though. That picture made me think about her and her fate. This is what I came up with. Hope you like it.

Cheers for reading as always.


Audrey’s Dance

Whose face do you see

Gazing into the mirror?

Do you even know?

Is it the young girl,

Tantalised by mysteries;

Desperate for love?

Or is it the woman;

Broken by life’s injustice,

Betrayed by first love?

Your agency gone,

Control relinquished daily,

For love of your son.

The one thrust on you,

In wickedness as you slept,

By one you thought friend.

As your mind wanders,

Back to stolen youth’s flower,

Do you know much peace?

Your special agent,

The one who came to your aid,

Came then with malice.

How long were the nights,

As Richard grew inside you?

Do you think back now?

What do you see then;

Eyes, lips, soul of Audrey Horne?

Or merely her scorn?

On you, weathered now,

Lines of time etched in your brow,

Woven into pain.

Cherry red heels click,

But they’ll never bring you home,

Even if you wished.

Are you the dreamer?

Do you sit astride two worlds;

Waiting for Billy?

He moved on, you know,

And the mirror stands no more,

The school is rubble.

So what will you do;

You who once held all the cards?

Prudence could be key.



Cheers once again for reading, and seriously; check out Maja’s beautiful fan art by following the link at the top. When you’re done, feel free to check out some more of my poetry by clicking on one of these links.

All the best,


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