Climb – a poem for my son

On the occasion of my first born; the boy, starting school, I wrote this. It’s inspired by how I felt watching him do climbing the other day.

Hope you enjoy it. If you do, follow the links at the bottom to see some of my less upbeat poetry.


Tiny fingers they were

Now strong, they grip a wall

My little boy climbs on

Unafraid of any fall


Chunky shoes with rubber soles

Contain feet once purple and small

Helpless baby we held all night long

Now reaches heights so tall


Climb, little man

Every time a little higher

You grow each day, watched by us

You build your inner fire


And if you cannot reach the top

Scarce it matters then; no need for tears

As we are here to see you safely find

Solid ground that’s free from fears

You’ll try again, again until

You’ve moved much further on

Towards a time when you’ll look down

And see that we are gone

It won’t trouble you, and we’ll return

If ever we are needed

But you will know that by yourself

You have at last succeeded

That wall is life; each hold unsteady

And times you’ll surely fall

But you’ll hang on and find a grip

Until you’re standing tall.

You’ve climbed so high already

And we love that we’re your guide

From tiny toes and fingers

To confidence inside.

Thanks for reading,


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