Boys They’ll Stay – a poem

I hear such sad stories in my daily life that I was moved to write this. It’s about all those boys out there who are neglected by men who can’t seem to find the time to get involved. I’m so lucky that I have a Dad who got involved when I was young; who did his share of the job of parent. Thanks Dad.

Boys They’ll Stay


Where are all the boys to go?

Help me please for I don’t know

Those ones with no clear path to walk

And no-one to guide them at each fork


Boys will be boys, and boys they’ll stay

If all their fathers walk away

The ‘can’t be bothered’ and ‘just forgot’

Their sons are not so hard to spot


Eyes downcast and full of pain

At being met with such disdain

Brows furrowed beyond their years

Hearts brimming with unexpressed fears


Fears and feelings they cannot explain

New washed napkin bearing inky black stain

But who calls to task all those absent men

Who let down their children again and again


Captains deserting a new-laden ship

Taking its rudder at the start of a trip

Leaving midshipmen to find their own way

Then passing the blame when the bearings are stray



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Cover photo credit – Katherine Chase via Unsplash

Body text photo (beach) credit – Luke Michael via Unsplash



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