Twin Peaks UK Festival 2019 in pictures

So, my fifth Twin Peaks UK Festival has come to an end. I had two regrets when I left, Firstly, I regretted that it was over at all. Secondly, I regretted not taking my decent camera with me this year. I trusted my phone, thinking as it was an upgrade on my last one, the camera would be good enough to handle anything I wanted. Unfortunately, I was left incredibly disappointed with its performance in low light and that’s why the pictures I got this year aren’t as good as I’ve managed in previous years.

The Festival kicked off this year with a succession of videos from cast members with some greetings. Kimmy Robertson and John Pirruccello had quite a skit together (below) but my favourite was from Dana Ashbrook, talking to us while driving his car and needing to give more attention to the road.

After that, we got the chance to see the Lynch-inspired short films. Every year, the quality of these films gets better and better. Thor Amli’s third instalment of The Summer House at Pearl Lakes (which I’ll be reviewing in a separate post) was a visual treat.

Still from Thor Amli’s The Summer House at Pearl Lakes: Part 3

Next up was an abstract piece called The Lovesick Lepidopterist, by Jamie Batty.

Lovesick Lepidopterist

Haslam Ortega’s ReFRESH was a disturbing abduction story with great use of lighting and colour.

Creepy masks

The re were also two films from Johnny Coffeen, a graduate of the David Lynch film school. They were vastly different in their visual style and I really enjoyed both of them. The first was called The False Mirror and was a blackly comic tale of lies and deception

The False Mirror

and the second, Swan Girl, mixed live action and animation in an incredibly poignant story of loss.

Swan Girl

After the short films, we were treated to a great performance from the Double R Club, one of London’s most dynamic cabaret experiences. This is where my camera starts to let me down.


The Hey La’s were there to perform some songs from Twin Peaks

and there was a hilarious interpretation of The Return’s Episode 8 complete with bubbles and Bob.

After the cabaret, there was a display of owls in the main hall, and then we got to meet some backstage.

Benjamin Louche rom the Double R Club gets up close with an owl

After that, there was a chance to meet some stars from Twin Peaks.

David Warner – Thomas Eckhardt
George Griffith – Ray Monroe
Kenneth Welsh – Windom Earle

That’s three more autographs in my Access Guide to Twin Peaks. The more years I go this festival, the less it becomes about the show itself. Now it’s more about hanging out with the wonderful bunch of people who attend every year. For some reason, Twin Peaks seems to attract such a great bunch of people; creative, welcoming and so, so open-minded.

Hello Derek, how are you today?

Sunday morning was a chance to get a nice lie in and then I went for a walk around Stoke Newington


This included a trip, on the recommendation of my Airbnb host, to Abney Park. This cemetery and arboretum had such a peaceful atmosphere that I stayed there much longer than I planned to. I even recorded an impromptu haiku video in there.

A trip to the Festival art gallery and I was delighted to see my poems on display. To be exhibited in such great company, including the beautiful 3D art prints from Maja Ljunggren, was a real honour.

My two poems on display

Sunday also brought with it my first foray into the cosplay side of the event. I had dipped into Amazon to get my ‘costume’ but I could see I was going to have some stiff competition.

Mario as Sarah Palmer
or is he Judy!!!

Lots of people wanted their picture taken with me in my outfit, including filmmaker Thor Amli.

I’m no Georgia Peach!
The wonderful Mark and Luke
I was getting the pose down by the time Ditte found me



With Louise and Karen, the “52 Pick up girls”
Me and Mark
Jo’s black eye and bear won her Saturday’s costume contest, but got her some funny looks in the pub!

When it came to the costume parade, I never thought I had a chance of winning, because loads of people put so much effort into their costumes. However, it was so lovely to have so much support from people. I can’t believe I actually won!!

Looking pleased with myself!

What a wonderful weekend it was, made so by all the wonderful people who make up the Twin Peaks community. It feels so much like one big family and I feel so honoured to be a part of it. Thanks so much to Lindsey Bowden for organising it. She does such a wonderful job of making it all come together and her team are brilliant. Thanks to everyone who attends and creates such a special atmosphere. I hope to see you all again next year if not before. My pictures, as I said, weren’t that great, so please excuse the one or two here that I’ve nicked from other people’s Facebook posts;)

Your friend,



You can check out my (better) pictures from previous Festivals and from my trip to Snoqualmie/North Bend in 2001 by following the links below.

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