Twin Peaks UK Festival 2017 in pictures

They say never meet your heroes. So why is it that every time I meet people from the world of Twin Peaks, they turn out to be lovely, genuine people.  It’s been the case every time I’ve attended the UK event.  For me, it started with Sheryl Lee and Dana Ashbriook in 2014, continued with Chris Mulkey and Ian Buchanan last year, and this year has been no different. If I’d known about this thing back in 2009 when it started, I’d have been there the whole time.

Lindsey Bowden and the team behind the Twin Peaks UK Festival do a bigger and better job every year.  They manage to set up the most wonderful environment for people to celebrate their shared love for this most fantastic of stories. As you’ll see from these pictures, they really pulled out all the stops for this year’s event.  One of the best things this year was the addition of a full programme of live music throughout the two days.

The Festival’s home, for the past two years, has been the 1930’s majesty of Hornsey Town Hall Arts Centre.

It’s located in the bustling heart of Crouch End.

I got up there at about half past nine, in plenty of time to give out copies of my story to the people in the queue.

Once inside, there are donuts galore. I think I had two before I’d even had a look around. It was just, “Yay, donuts.”
There are some lovely artistic touches around the place which give it that Great Northern vibe.
The building interior is such a good fit to the event

There is a whole corridor given over to Lynch-inspired artwork. Here are some of my favourites.

David Lynch inspired artworks


Great photo art from Blake Morrow


Other sights

The main hall where screenings and the Q and A take place
The glass box. I think I tripped on the entrance ‘every’ time I went in and out.
Browncoat in the Black Lodge
The Festival has it’s own Black Lodge complete with lots of red drapes
It also has a replica of the train car. Inside was a re-enactment of the murder of Laura Palmer

The Roadhouse

Downstairs, there was always music in the air, with a host of quality live bands

Aloha Dead


Tom Huddleston and his band, No Sorrows


Polyanna Valentine
All the way from Seattle, Prom Queen
Doo-wop from the Hey La’s

There was more live music on the Saturday evening from Jams Marshall himself. He was joined on stage by Michael Horse and Amy Shiels.


You can see a clip here:

There are owls in the Roadhouse

One of my favourite parts of the Festival was the live Owl display in the main hall.  There was a very entertaining talk and some thrilling flights over our heads.


Short films

There was a screening of lynch-inspired short films, my favourite two of which are pictured below.

The downright disturbing “Scotch Broth.”
TSIRK, by Mark Rosenau –  it involved a cockroach and circus performers



Costumes play a huge part in the festival, and loads of people make a great effort. Here are a couple of my favourites.

Naido – a worthy winner of Saturday’s competition
A small Mexican Chihuahua
Sunday’s costume parade

Saturday night I stayed over in Wood Green at a hostel called The Green Rooms


I ended up being upgraded into a private room as there was some dude asleep in the dormitory bed that I was supposed to be in. Nice!


Sunday started and I was excited for the chance to get a couple of autographs.  I had my tokens all sorted and made a last minute decision to add Jake Wardle to my list.


Seriously, I can’t say enough just how lovely these people are; how genuine and warm.  It happens every time I come to one of these events and it’s why I keep coming back. Plus, they all took a copy of my story and seemed pleased that their characters were included.

Me and Jake Wardle (Freddie Sykes)
Me and Michael Horse (Deputy Hawk – the one who does all the real police work in Twin Peaks)
Me and Amy Shiels (Candie) – she’s great 
I also saw Sherilyn Fenn (Keri from The Wraith) outside on a wall trying to sort out her phone. Wicked!

Q and A

Executive Producer, Sabrina Surherland had her own Q and A on the Saturday and then joined in the main one with all the actors and the makeup artist, Debbie Zoller on Sunday night.

Hail, hail, the gang’s all here!
Sean Bolger and Debbie Zoller
Sabrina Sutherland in her own Q and A session



There was loads of other stuff going on at the Festival, including performances from the Double R cabaret club


And a screening of The Elephant Man.  Some of the VIPs got to go on a bus tour of the filming locations.

The great Ken Boon makes an appearance!

All in all, it was a fantastic weekend.  The team who put it on do a really fantastic job and, although it’s getting bigger and bigger, it retains the feel of a family event. I hope I get to go next year.

One last highlight:


She liked my story!! So cool.

If you haven’t read it yet, I’d love it if you gave it a try.  Here are the links.

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I’ll See You in the Trees – Part 2

I’ll See You in the Trees – Part 3

Here are the links to my thoughts on The Return as well.

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Thanks for reading,



5 thoughts on “Twin Peaks UK Festival 2017 in pictures

  1. Richard,

    Thanks for the awesome coverage of the festival! I mad the second film you pictured titled “TSIRK”. I wasn’t able to make it to London and was really hoping there would be a post like yours to see all that was going on. It looks like it was an incredible time!

    Thank you!
    Mark Rosenau


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