Trading – a poem

I run this Pokemon club at my school. They all get to bring their cards in on Mondays and at lunchtime I sit there while they trade. It’s like Wall Street. I watch them all do their deals and bargain and show off their best cards in their folders. I sit by and I know […]

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Alert – a few haikus

Haven’t written anything of my own for ages. I was really struggling for inspiration and feeling a bit desperate, so I clung on to the only thing I could think of: todays UK National alert text. Sorry I’m advance but I needed to write something, anything. Poised for an alert, A whole nation’s attention, Waiting […]

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If I Am – a haiku sequence

Finally, after a long time, something inspired me to write. As before, it is the gorgeous and haunting artwork of Maja Ljunggren. Her picture of Ronette, lying in her hospital bed, sentinelled by one Joey Paulson, put me back in the place to type some words. As usual, they don’t live up to the colours […]

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A Tribute to Julee Cruise

There’s been so much written in the wake of Julee Cruise’s passing that I feel quite superfluous, but it’s amazing how many people are saying the same things that I’m feeling. It’s made me feel the connections that exist within this fan community more and more; I started to see the strings that connect us […]

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Some Christmas Poems

Hi everyone, I’ve been meaning to do a poem or two for ages but have struggled for inspiration. I’ve been running a poetry club for some of the kids at my school, though, and today we came up with some little bits and pieces – just a few little bits of rhyme and a couple […]

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The Golden Caravan – a poem

I learned something new during Black History Month. I came across a podcast on YouTube about ancient civilisations. One of the episodes was about the empire of Songhai. I had never heard of this before and was intrigued to find out about it. Two and a half hours later, I had learned all about the […]

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