World Book Day 2020

Happy World Book Day everyone, Thought I’d share my costume from today at school. I decided to be Coleridge’s Ancient Mariner, as it’s one of my favourite poems. Costume nice and easy – just yoga stuff. I had fun making my albatross (it’s always nice to challenge yourself with something you’re not very good at […]

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The Speed of Light – a sonnet

HI there, We’re having a writing competition at school for the children along the theme of time travel.  One of the categories is poetry; the children have to write a poem entitled The Speed of Light. I couldn’t resist having a go myself, thinking about some of Carl Sagan’s thoughts on the universe. I chose […]

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A Pair of Haikus

Hi there, I took a Year 3 English lesson yesterday and the subject was, fortuitously, haikus. Of course, I couldn’t help but come up with a couple to go with what the children were doing. This was the inspiration… And these were the poems… Wooden eruptions Spewing branches into light Symphony of life Beautiful branches […]

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