Chord Progression – a poem

Someone mentioned music as a potential subject for a poem. I came up with this. Hope you like it. Could you wish away music from the world? Chord Progression Some fool made a bitter wish beneath a thin duvet, Desperate for sleep and plagued by neighbour’s noise, Invoked a doubting but obedient genie; Bid him […]

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Summer Haze – a poem

I asked one of the children at school today what I should write my next poem about. They said summer, so that’s what I did. I enlisted their help a little by giving them big bits of chalk and asking them to write some ideas on the playground around mine. It was a strange feeling […]

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Origami – a poem

Here’s another poem that I wrote. It’s about origami. I was thinking about it today and it made me sad. The paper was once a majestic tree, chopped down and then used to make a representation of a living thing; perhaps even a tree.   Crisply folded lines Turn flat planes to wing├ęd beasts, All […]

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In the Rough – a poem

Went for 9 holes of golf this afternoon. It didn’t go well. I did come out of it with this, though. Hope you enjoy it.   In The Rough With a swing and a miss And a miss and a swing, Hell with the scorecard; Don’t write a thing! Putters and irons And woods and […]

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Soft Play – a poem

So, this afternoon I took the kids to a soft play in Isleworth. It was extremely busy and the noise level was approaching that of a pneumatic drill or premier league football crowd. I thought of this… Mass of screaming bodies Pulling against the tide Each one without pity Writhing around inside Social norms abandoned […]

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