Face in the Ceiling – a poem

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We had the light fitting removed in the boy’s room and it left this nasty hole which looked like a face. He quite likes it but I think it’s hideous. It reminded me of times when I was young and I would see faces in patterned curtains if I looked at them for long enough. It inspired this little poem. Hope you enjoy it.

Face in the Ceiling

Took away the light fitting

and left it there; that face.

Horrible maw, lidless eyes

Black and hollow leading

Upwards though not to light

It stares down at me in the night

Even when I can’t see, I know.

Watching. Watching with the others,

Those that lurk in curtain patterns

And in the weave of carpets

Disappearing when you look

From a different point

It was always there

But now it’s mask is removed

What has it seen?

What has it thought?

Can it one night breathe in

And draw me between

Shredded, wasted lips?

Swallow me whole and I’ll never


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