What the Haiku – Twin Peaks – New Year Special

Merry Christmas everyone,

I wanted to mark the holiday by going back into the woods for one more Twin Peaks haiku. I haven’t written anything TP related since the sad passing of Peggy Lipton earlier in the year but I had an urge to go into the dark woods once more and do some backwards talking in front of a camera.

Here is the result…

And here is the poem

Lost girl in the woods

Surrounded by a darkness

Come to her ending


Sweet voice will Carrie

Wash up in a desert town

Never to be found


But trees remember

Deep-rooted below our feet

Holding every step


Take away the girl

And her footsteps linger on

Echoes in the soil


Thanks for reading, and my best wishes for the New Year ahead.


You can check out the rest of the haiku journey by subscribing to my YouTube channel or clicking the links below.

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