Your Unseen Confidants – a poem

Hi there,

Photo credit to Rots Marie-Helene via Unsplash

A little quick one I came up with after discovering my phone was listening to every word I said. It knows everything.


Your Unseen Confidants

Your favourite girls,

Exotic appellations,

Ready to serve you.

Saving you effort,

Always ready to listen,

Permitted or not.

What do they hear, then

As they snuggle in pockets?

Hushed, intimate tones.

To them thoughts laid bare,

Invited within your walls,

Settings accepted.

Siri and her friend,

Direct you with suggestions,

You accept as yours.

Dog wagged by the tail,

Alexa knows what you want,

No way to resist.

Speak and they hear you,

Accountable to no-one,

Your only counsel.


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