Queen of Hearts update – February 2020

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Looks like filming is nearly complete on the upcoming Twin Peaks fan film, “Queen of Hearts”, which tells the lost tale of Annie Blackburn. After a couple of years and so many setbacks, things are finally reaching the point where all the scenes are in the can and it becomes all about post-production. More and more exciting images are coming out, including the beautiful aquarium scene which we were treated to a while ago, but the plot details thankfully remain a mystery.


One big happy family

We’re still looking at a premiere this summer so it looks like everything is coming together nicely and excitement is building.

Tensions brewing

Here are some more images from the production. You can check out more at the Queen of Hearts Facebook page.

King and Queen
On the case with two Special Agents

I can’t help getting more and more excited about finally finding out what this is all about and what direction Cameron is going with the story.

How’s Annie?
Guilty conscience
The youngster gets a lesson


So, things are progressing really well and I’m so happy for Cameron that he’s finally getting close to the point where it’s all in his hands. Sounds like his cast have done a brilliant job and that they’re really delivering the goods.

You can check out more updates by clicking the links below.

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