Queen of Hearts update November 2019

Hi everyone,

After a long time spent casting, organising props, costumes, locations and everything else that goes into making an independent film, there has been a lot of movement in the past couple of months on my good friend Cameron’s long-awaited Twin Peaks fan film.

Props and costumes arrive!

The filming of Queen of Hearts is well underway and, a few setbacks notwithstanding, things are on track so that we will get to enjoy this bold addition to the Twin Peaks landscape in the next year.

Filming Jackrabbit’s Palace

As I said in my last post on this subject, principal casting was completed some time ago and Cameron has finally been able to start getting scenes put to film. Myself and others have been treated to lots of updates and I’ll try to share some of them, along with a few pictures, in the next few paragraphs.

Getting ready

With the cast assembled, Cameron has been receiving shipments of props and costumes and organising make-up tests and fittings to make sure everything is in keeping with the original aesthetic of the show. His attention to detail has encompassed not just costumes but also things as seemingly minor as chess sets in order to capture the vision he has for the finished film. It must be a great feeling for him to be making real progress towards his long-held dream of saying thank you to Mark Frost and David Lynch for all the inspiration and joy they have given him over the years.


Finding locations hasn’t been easy, being as far removed as he is from the Pacific Northwest. Monterey, it seems, has finally offered up some appropriate places in which to make the untold story of Annie Blackburn come to life.

Whose shelves?

The sudden departure of one cast member due to unforeseen circumstances has not cast too big a shadow over things. Neither has the difficulty of finding an affordable way to hire vehicles from the time period at a reasonable price. All in all, things are in his words ‘getting real’.

Laura? Laura?

Finding huge red drapes has been a bit of a problem but a helpful fan has created a workaround with some digital wizardry.

Red drapes, Harry! From my dream

I know I’m not alone in anticipating this film and I’m sure you will all join me in wishing Cameron the best of luck as he tries to get the filming side of things done. Once this is completed, the entire venture will be back in his hands as he commences editing and post-production.

Kn to KB3

I’ll bring you more updates as I get them and, if you’re not already, please follow the Queen of Hearts Facebook page or the Twitter account, @ObnoxAnonymous to see more form Cameron.

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