Twin Peaks – Fan Films and the Future

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So, there are a great deal of rumours circulating at the minute and it’s a really exciting time to be a Twin Peaks fan right now. There’s a considerable buzz on social media and I must say that I’m feeling it too. It could be that we have an announcement very soon that makes us all go ‘giddy’ and I might have to start getting ready to do some more haiku videos.

In the meantime, it’s only right that we celebrate some of the things that are definitely happening. There is some new content heading our way soon enough at the hands of some of the show’s most dedicated and passionate fans.

Queen of Hearts

Cameron Cloutier’s fan film about Annie Blackburn is picking up pace. The cast had their first sit down script reading session the other day and filming will be starting very soon.

Getting into character

There have also been some gruesome-looking makeup tests and costume fittings and these, combined with the footage released a while ago, promise a well put-together story, high on production values and eager to pay proper tribute to the show’s legacy.

Scary stuff!

Cameron’s been working on this project for a couple of years now so it’s lovely to see things coming together at last.

The Summer House at Pearl Lakes: Part 3

Anyone at this weekend’s Twin Peaks UK Festival in London will be able to catch the premiere of Norwegian Thor Amli’s third journey into Leland Palmer’s past. The disturbing origin story gives more detail with every instalment. Amli brings a unique take on things that confounds expectations at every turn.

The series’ charismatic lead brings a real intensity to the role of young Leland and the visuals are always intriguing.

The Lynch-inspired short films section of the UK Festival is always top quality and having some Twin Peaks content included is magical.

The Future

And oh yes, there is also the rumour train; more and more high profile people stoking the fires of speculation.

It started with Hollywood Horror Museum (who include Jennifer Lynch among their board members)

Then Michael Horse joined in…

And then our very own special agent joined in with a not-so-subtle tweet. No-one is stepping up to squash the speculation at the time of writing this.

From smaller websites, this has now been picked up by Newsweek itself and, while some call for calm, it feels really good to get swept up in a bit of dreaming that we might be in for another wild ride. Just to be talking about it feels nice.

And right now all it is is a mystery. We don’t know what to make of it and that’s what we love about the show itself isn’t it?

So, we can dream. And if our dreams don’t come true, at least we can look forward to the films being created by people like Cameron and Thor.

I’ll tell you one thing though. I wasn’t going to buy that new Z-A box set – I’m DEFINITELY not buying it now.

Also, if you’re really desperate for new Twin Peaks content, you can always watch my One-armed Man origin story, if only to have a laugh at my awful acting!

In any case, I look forward to watching and seeing what comes next. Subscribe to this site and I’ll be giving you updates from this weekend’s UK Festival. October 6th was when they announced Season 3. Maybe we have a treat coming this Sunday…

Thanks for reading,


Also, if you fancy some Twin Peaks content, you can read my short story, I’ll See You in the Trees below.

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