Queen of Hearts update January 2020

Hi everyone,

Thought I’d do a quick update about Queen of Hearts, Cameron Cloutier’s Twin Peaks fan film currently in production. As I said back in November, filming is well underway and it looks like this project may meet its scheduled release date this summer.

Images have been appearing regularly on the film’s dedicated Facebook page, including images of some of the actors in character. We have finally had the chance to see the new look Agents, Cooper and Earle.

Love this picture. It reminds me of the Bank scene in Scott Frost’s Cooper autobiography – Coop’s first raid!

I like the look of these two choices. Cooper, especially, seems to have the right feel about him. They look so young; it seems like a good bit of casting. Given all the trouble he’s had, it seems like he got what he wanted. Can’t wait to see if they can walk the walk too. Earle and Cooper don’t get much of a confrontation in the original series. Their meeting on a gantry at the Miss Twin Peaks contest was cut from production and the pair never meet in this reality. Maybe Cameron’s story will give us some more between them.

Caroline Earle appears too, and again I love the choice.

It seems that Cameron is looking out for every detail from telephones to micro cassettes in this passion project and I can’t wait to see how it all comes together.

There is also now a new trailer, which you can see here.

It’s a collection of stills and footage cut together with a decidedly eerie soundtrack that evokes a sense of deep unease. It seems like the film will delve into Cooper’s doomed relationships with both Caroline and Annie. I for one am really interested to find out what it’s all about!

Looks like we’re in for a treat this summer. Filming is set to recommence anytime now after the Christmas break. I’ll bring you more updates as they come.

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