Queen of Hearts – Trailer Reaction

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After several months, and with a few loose ends to be tied up once the COVID-19 pandemic has finished wreaking havoc on our world, filming of Queen of Hearts is almost complete. It must be an intense relief to Cameron Cloutier to be close to the finish line.

Whilst the world has ground to a halt, Cameron has used the time to cut together a promotional trailer for his fan film. As with the images we have been drip fed over the last few months, it raises more questions than it provides answers; however, it does finally give us some insight into what we can expect in terms of tone and content. I’ve never done a trailer reaction post before so I’m not sure how to structure this. What I’ve done is take a selection of stills and I’ll just use them to organise myself. If you haven’t seen the trailer yet, there’s a link at e bottom too.

The opening shot is a couple of lines from a song that will be familiar to any Twin Peaks fan, sung in a very crisp close up by the titular queen, Annie Blackburn (yay, I got to use the word titular!). From this we move into the song that leads us through the lion’s share of the trailer: Mama Cass Elliot’s perhaps definitive version of the 1931 standard, Dream a Little Dream of Me. I liked the choice immediately because, well, because I really love the song. It was only after a rewatch or two that I noticed a couple of things. Firstly, the concept of a dreamer hadn’t occurred to me on first viewing. Who is the dreamer, and who are they dreaming their little dream about? Secondly, the editing is really good, snapping sycamore trees and kisses onto their respective lines very naturally indeed.

Speaking of sycamore trees, we’re treated to a very good approximation of a darkened Glastonbury Grove. There’s a great eye for detail here, coming from in-depth knowledge of the source material.

After seeing lots of stills, it’s lovely to see some of the cast in action. Our Cooper has some of the mannerisms down well and, from what I can tell, is having a great go at Kyle Maclachlan’s mystic Eagle Scout voice.

We see quite a bit of Caroline Earle too. I don’t recall much of the portrayal of her in Scott Frost’s Cooper Autobiography – which I assume is the best place for that, but she really looks the part. It made me realise that I still have no idea how much focus is on what part of the narrative in this film. Is it 50/50 future/past or something more? It’s about Annie so I would guess that Cooper and the Earles, if their story is so central to the plot, has some bearing on what happens later. “The past dictates the future.”

Looks like that tragedy we’ll get to see play out in the film; Windom Earle getting the drop on Cooper as he cradled the dead Caroline in his arms. That’s what I’m guessing is happening in this scene.

We also get other flashes of the mythology of the series in scenes like this one, where the nurse takes the ring from Annie in hospital. Also, Cooper and Earle’s daily chess battles will be there.

Beyond the story we already know, there are many flashes in the trailer of things we have no idea about, like this interaction between Cooper and Annie. When is this? Is it Cooper or his doppelgänger?

There’s also Annie on her way to a church, or could it be the convent at which she spent some time? Who knows…

We get Cooper in the office with who I’m guessing is the young Diane.

And then we get ‘segues into scary’ like this, doing the job of juxtaposing the disturbing with the normal that the original show did so well.

There’s even the obligatory red room shot. Let’s face it; we couldn’t have a Twin Peaks film without a trip to the Lodge.

It’s a fantastic trailer that really whets my appetite to finally see what this is all about. What story are we going to get and where will it take us? Beyond that, I started wondering what sort of directorial style we are looking at? It appears to me that Cameron is shooting for something akin to season 1 and 2, with broad strokes of Lynch and Frost but also the deft hand of a Tim Hunter or Lesli Linka Glatter (who he’s mentioned favourably in several videos).

Take a look for yourself, anyway. It’s a very professional piece of work and does well at building anticipation for what we are finally, after all this time, going to get.

Cheers for reading,


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