Chord Progression – a poem

Someone mentioned music as a potential subject for a poem. I came up with this. Hope you like it. Could you wish away music from the world?

Chord Progression

Some fool made a bitter wish beneath a thin duvet,

Desperate for sleep and plagued by neighbour’s noise,

Invoked a doubting but obedient genie;

Bid him “Take away this music

Like it had never been.”


It was so.

All the cities were quieted,

No lullabies drifted from high nursery windows,

Elevators rode from basements

to high Penthouse suites without accompaniment.


Hendrix gave his life to the Airborne,

Never picked at strings,

Haydn was a wheelwright like his father,

(who had never plucked a harp),

Greatness was relinquished without regret.


Gone was the magnificence of arias that filled hearts,

No favourite ballad drew tears as loved ones were laid to rest,

No headphones’ tinny whining in crowded trains,

And nought but the empty clink of glasses,

Punctuated drunken conversations in late night bars.


The soundtrack to our lives was ripped away,

And we knew not what we had lost,

No longer could a chorus,

Carried to us on a summer breeze,

Unlock memories of joyous times long past.


We were lost; we were quiet.

Life was monotone.


This new reality,

This new solemn quiet would not stand,

For bereft of this rhythm,

In the yawning chasms between each disconnected sound,

A finger tapped.


As dark clouds disgorged their all,

Upon a million rooftops,

Raindrops rolled and dripped in time,

Coalesced into a beat,

Wind whistled on its way through cracks in doors.


Music was born once again,

Irresistible as the tides;

Indestructible as the past.

And in his bed, the bitter fool,

His gentle heartbeat lulled him into sleep.


Thanks for reading,


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