Casting Dune – Logo reaction

There have been quite a few posts showing this and I thought it was worth an update as I haven’t had anything concrete to write about in this project for quite some time.

Images have been dropping left, right and centre including posters and artwork but they all get debunked within a few hours as people uncover the fact that they’re fan made.

Indeed this image itself has drawn skepticism because it seems to be a stock image that has been used in the background. That’s not unusual in film production, however, with many big-budget film companie using stock images in their promotional materials

One thing that seems under no doubt at all is the font used in the logo, a repeated u shape rotated to make all four letters; a point of light with a lens-flare effect added to complete the letter e. This logo has been seen on clothing used on set and seems real.

I like the logo; it’s sleek, minimalist and futuristic. I did think, like many others, that it looks like dunc but that’s kind of fitting and a nice in joke for the hardcore fans.

The background image itself is gorgeous, even if it is a stock image. Isn’t that the point of stock images, anyway?

So, we move forward and ever closer to getting some footage. God knows I just don’t need to see any ‘updates’ that just have those grainy pictures of what ‘might’ be an ornithopter or a ridiculous ‘on set picture’ of a tourist posing outside Petra.

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