Summer Haze – a poem

I asked one of the children at school today what I should write my next poem about. They said summer, so that’s what I did. I enlisted their help a little by giving them big bits of chalk and asking them to write some ideas on the playground around mine. It was a strange feeling to think about summer in January. It warmed me up a little on a chilly day, though.

They’re not haikus. It just seemed to end up being three line verses which end as the next ones begin. This has just oozed out of me in a random order and is meant as a stream of consciousness about some experiences of summer. Hope it makes some kind of sense.

Summer Haze

Icy thrill of conditioned air

As you cross a threshold,

chills the sweat.

The sweat that holds

Your collar to your neck;

Desire to escape.

To escape the heat,

Leave birds to sing outside,

Melodies in trees.

In trees that lazily wave

Drooping branches

As around life runs amok.

Runs amok by the river bank;

Nettles and brambles overgrown.

Unstoppable messy tangle.

Messy tangle of hair

Spills out across the pillow,

Turned to the cold side.

Cold side of salad

Accompanies your light lunch;

Too much still in this heat.

This heat that melts your tyres;

Parking spot in empty lot.

Tarmac sea molten grey.

Molten grey paving slabs

On which wrought iron chairs and tables

Wobble over cracks.

Over cracks of charcoal

And dripping grease that spits,

The sausages turn brown

Turn brown like the grass

That lies prostrate,

Desperate for water.

For water that is thrown around

In playful moments,

To give that icy thrill.


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