Monday Music 21 – 2017

It’s September and the holidays are over. So, this week I’ve decided to make my Monday Music post a little piece of inspiration for all us teachers going back to school today. This is from the film that first made me consider getting into teaching in the first place. It’s also a film that makes […]

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T is for Teaching

I’ve been looking forward to ‘T’.  It was set from the beginning.  I found the picture below on Twitter a couple of days ago and it was as good an intro as I could hope for. There are a lot of NQTs popping up on the various Facebook groups for teachers and this is partly […]

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D is for Dalian

So, after coming home from Belize, I spent a couple more years at the airport. You can read all about that when I get to H. I was working at Budget Car rental and had just taken a Supervisor’s position when it finally hit me that I needed to do something more with my life. […]

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B is for Belize 

I promise this is not going to turn into a travelogue. It’s just a coincidence that a few important places for me are between A and D. March 1999. I was all packed to go to Canada. I’d had my leaving drinks and everything.  After finishing university, I had spent a couple of years working […]

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