Lady of the Blue Rose – a poem

It was Saturday night and I’d settled in to my palatial accommodations on the Camden Road.  I’d had a great first day at the Twin Peaks UK Festival, the highlight of which, I think, was hearing Chrysta Bell sing this fantastic song, Blue Rose.

I was going to write a post about the first day but I decided to do a poem instead.  I soon got tired out and went to sleep instead. I’ve only just finished the poem now, a week later. It was just something quick. Hope you like it.

The Lady of the Blue Rose

Upon a stage she stands

The lady of the blue rose

To the heavens she lifts her hands

And with them all our worry goes

For when that plaintive, ethereal voice

Pierces silence with such words of love

All motes of dust seem held without choice

Hovering in awe in the spaces above

Each breath of ours is in that moment halted

Waves of sound sent skyward beyond time

Every note escapes and then’s exalted

Combining in our hearts, her tender rhyme

Our lady of the blue rose

Who stands before our hushed and reverent crowd

Pale beauty and such talent shows

As this angel speaks to hearts and souls aloud

Thanks for reading. I hope you enjoyed that.

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