Are you still seeing this…? Some limericks

Anyone who watches What the Haiku! will know that I can’t go more than a month without coming back to one of my favourite characters: Dick Tremayne. In his honour then, I have composed some limericks – my first attempts at this form of poetry. Limericks have a fairly strict structure in terms of rhyme and rhythm. I think these came out OK but I’d appreciate your opinions.


There was a sharp dresser named Dick,

Whose antics got on Andy’s wick

He looked way too dapper

Was a potential kidnapper

And nobody warmed to his shtick.

There was a clothes horse named Tremayne

Who interest in others did feign

He owned many sport coats

Gave Shakespearean quotes

But in truth he was largely inane

There once was a man from Twin Peaks

Whose luck seemed to gather in streaks

Though with Lucy a hit

On his nose he was bit

Giving him the most frightful of beaks.

Now Tremayne, he worked for Ben Horne

Men with couture he’d adorn

When faced with rain gear

Inventory systems were clear

Though explaining this brought on a yawn.

A poor orphan boy name of Nicky

Came under the wing of our Dickie

He outfitted him well

Took him out for a spell

But then things became a bit tricky

I wanted to do one more but it’s late now and my mind isn’t working properly. If I think of another one tomorrow, I’ll add it on to the end.  I want to do one about the Miss Twin Peaks pageant but it’s just not happening.


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Also, subscribe to #whatthehaiku on YouTube to see more of my video poetry.



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