Sitting Behind Glass – a haiku sequence

I wanted to do something based on the interrogation scene where Evil Coop is visited by Gordon, Tammy and Albert.  It’s a scene that makes my skin crawl, brilliantly played by all concerned. Here are a few haikus about it.

coop jail

Sitting Behind Glass

Sitting behind glass

But he’s with you in the room

The darkest feeling

Face of weathered stone

That cracks on recognition

Of concerned old friends

Is it genuine?

Eyes fill you with doubt and fear

And something much worse

Hollowed container

Once filled with a hero’s soul

Carries now echoes

Echoes of recall

Fragments of knowledge mixed up

Corrupted data

You pity this man

Whose dark eyes reach into you

For he is elsewhere

Words escape his mouth

Like it’s ne’er before been used

A stilted, flat voice

Repeated phrases

Requesting release from you

But there will be none

Bring the curtain down

Banish the sight of this thing

Thankful for the glass


Thanks for reading. I hope you enjoyed that. You can see the video version of it here.

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