Just a Photograph – a haiku sequence

I’ve been thinking of doing something for Bobby Briggs for a while. I was lucky enough to meet Dana Ashbrook in 2014 and he was such a genuine, gracious chap that I grew in appreciation of his character even more. I struggled for inspiration, however, until I remembered the scene in season 3 when he sees Laura’s picture in the Sheriff’s station. That’s where this series of haikus came from.

This is haiku number 223 out of the 365 that I’m aiming for. A Twin Peaks inspired haiku for every day of the year.

Just a Photograph

It doesn’t take much

To rekindle old passions

Just a photograph

To put you back there

In the throes of your first love

But what did you know?

The girl was broken

Beyond your understanding

You, nought but a child

Your tears made her laugh

Your innocence she fed on

Your love didn’t help

And then she was gone

This girl you loved and hated

Dead, with you suspect

You raged at the town

Invited them all to share

Your own hidden guilt

That you couldn’t help

You didn’t even know to

Wouldn’t have changed her

You played at rebel

Dipped your toes in rough waters

But never dived in

For grounding you’d had

Two examples to follow

Never far away

The stalwart Betty

And the flier, the Major

Who dreamed your success

And in time you saw

That your life could be worth more

Despite losing her

You became a man

Took an oath and wore a star

Found love once again

Life’s disappointments

They came and they went in turn

Left dents in your shield

No happy marriage

Nor Jack Rabbit’s soothing tones

Just a strange numbness

Waiting for purpose

Poised to contribute your piece

When the stars aligned

It didn’t take much

To provide inspiration

Just a photograph

The curl of her hair

A winding road to travel

Back to youth’s hideout

Her eyes a caution

A reprimand for slowness

In finding your feet

Full lips that you knew

Now whisper encouragement

For journeys ahead

So wake up, Bobby

Win back your wife and your child

With love from she who once died

I hope you enjoyed that. You can see the video version of it here. Please subscribe to this or the YouTube channel if you like it. It’s called What the Haiku! Twin Peaks poetry and more

If you did, there’s a whole load more on my YouTube channel – What the Haiku

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