Monday Music 19 – 2018


It has been a while since I did a Monday Music post. This week, I decided to go with a top 3. Besides Michael Giacchino’s fantastic work on the soundtrack for Lost, there are, as with many other TV shows, bits of popular music that are used throughout that resonated with me from the past or made me search iTunes or Amazon to find them.  These are my favourite 3 tracks from Lost.

3. Three Cigarettes (In an Ashtray) – Patsy Cline

One of my favourite Patsy Cline songs, it also featured on the Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas soundtrack at around the same time.

2. Wash Away (Reprise) – Joe Purdy

I loved this one at the end of the opening two episodes of season 1. It took me a while to find at the time. Now it’s part of the calming playlist I use to get the baby to sleep.

1. Make Your Own Kind of Music – Mama Cass Elliott

I think I only knew of Dream a Little Dream of Me before I heard this at the beginning of season 2. Great song. She’s got such a powerful voice. It was such a brilliant way to kick off the first episode.

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