Monday Music 9 – 2018

gta san andreas

One of my favourite games of all time has to be Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.  It was my introduction to the GTA franchise and, although I was slow to get into it, it soon became just about as addictive a game as I can remember.  It was a massive world to explore. So far that, unlike with most games, I actually went as far as going all the way to the 100% completion stat.

san andreas tank

All the firefighting, all the stunt jumps, all the races, all the car thefts, all the tagging, all the photographs. The stolen jet-pack from Area 51 really helped with those last two. I really got my money’s worth out of that game. Despite the vast advances in graphics and other aspects, I’ve never really found myself quite so enamoured with any more of the series. None of them have recaptured what I took from San Andreas. These days it’s all Fast Travel and cabs. Back then, if you were in Las Venturas and you had to go check out the Bolla situation on Grove Street, it was going to take you some time and a couple of smashed up super bikes.

What’s this got to do with Monday Music, I hear you ask? Well, every time I got into a stolen car or airplane, I got to pick a radio station.  More often tham not, it would be K-Rose with its disc jockey, Mary-Beth Maybell.


For a leisurely drive through the countryside or desert, there was no better collection of tunes.  So, for this week, I thought I’d look up a few of them and put them here for posterity.  In the words of the fearless, protagonist, Carl Johnson, “That’s real interestin’. I’m just gonna listen.”

I think my favourite mission was stealing all the different cars and delivering them to the container ship in San Fierro. Something like 30 different cars. I had them all stored in garages across the county and would go fetch one at a time. My brother did laugh when I drove one all the way from the other side of the map, lifted it with the crane and then accidentally dropped it 50ft to the deck of the ship where it promptly exploded.  Those were the days when I had enough free time that that didn’t constitute ammunition for an emotional breakdown.

Cheers for reading, and listening. Have a nice week.

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