Monday Music 31 – 2017

I’ve decided to go a different way with these posts for a few weeks.  Instead of picking some music at random, I’m going to dedicate each week to one of my favourite bands or singers.  I’ll post a couple of links to some of their songs, tell you a bit about where I first heard them and why I like them and hopefully start spreading the word to anyone who doesn’t know of them.

First up, it’s one of Canada’s greatest exports:

cowboy j

Cowboy Junkies

I first heard the wonderful vocals of lead singer Margo Timmins when I was round at a friend’s house in Cardiff in the Winter of 1994. I was a first year at University and I remember it was a very cold evening. We’d been out for dinner and were sitting back in the warmth of the house when on came their famous Trinity Sessions album. There’s something hauntingly delicate about Margo Timmins’ voice and yet it carries with it a gritty resolve and power that I don’t think I’ve ever heard matched. She has the ability to break into a deep part of your soul with her words and the music of this great band will always enjoy a special place in my heart, especially at times when I long for calm and warmth.

cowboy j 3

I’ve been lucky enough to see them perform live a few times here in the UK. Margo always has flowers on stage that she arranges beforehand as part of her ritual. Apparently, in the beginning, she was so nervous about performing on stage that she didn’t face the audience.  No-one forced her to so eventually she built up the courage to turn around. That’s a great example of giving people the space to develop at their own speed. They’ve been around for a long time now and have never sacrificed their unique sound, preferring instead to carve out their own niche in the market.  Most of the songs are written by Margo’s brother Michael Timmins. Other members of the band include Jeff Bird, Alan Anton and the other sibling: Peter Timmins.

So, here are a couple of their songs that I really like.  They’re not necessarily the most well-known of their back catalogue, but they are ones that I think show what I meant about how their sound affects me.  I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

Thanks for reading and listening.

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