Monday Music 23 – HDS tribute

Thought I’d dedicate this week’s Monday Music to the works of the great Harry Dean Stanton.

There are so many films that I remember him from and I thought I would choose a few of my favourites and some music from each of them.

First though, here’s the man himself in his recent turn as Carl Rodd in Twin Peaks: The Return, playing Red River Valley.

So, here are some things I best remember this great actor from:

1. Alien

I won’t say too much as there’s a great article all about it here. I never knew he turned down a role in The Shining to play Brett.

Suffice to say that the character of Brett and especially his dialogue with Yaphet Kotto’s Parker was one of the things that contributed to the film’s documentary feel. Here’s the creepy theme music to freak you out.

2. Escape from New York

Brain, or Harold, is a great character who really adds to the ensemble in this wonderful film.  Here’s the theme music which is one of my favourites.

3. Paris, Texas

I remember switching this on one slow night when I was about 17. I didn’t expect anything much but before I knew it was engrossed in the wonderful script and fantastic performances. The soundtrack by Ry Cooder captured the mood of the film perfectly.

4. Wild At Heart

Poor Johnnie Farragut. You can’t help but feel sorry for the man, and that’s credit to Harry Dean Stanton for injecting so much humanity into him. Here’s a bit of Chris Isaak from the soundtrack.

5. Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me

Carl Rodd is such an amazing character.  This highlights Harry Dean Stanton’s ability to create such memorable moments.  His character is on screen for a few minutes but makes a massive impression.  Here’s Angelo Badalamenti’s title music.


That’s a few bits of music from my favourite Harry Dean Stanton films, then.  Hope you enjoyed them.  If you did, feel free to check out some of my other Monday Music posts.



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