Monday Music 29 – 2017

I love it when you discover music you’ve never heard before.  TV and film is such a rich source of experiences like that. It leads to a crazily diverse back catalogue on your computer when you download lots of individual songs but each one carries with it a nice little memory or association. This week, I’ve had two such acquisitions, one through my own viewing and another from a friend.

First, I was watching Season 2 of the quality Netflix series, Stranger Things.  This show is packed full of great music but I’d never heard of Jim Croce before, so this was a nice surprise.

Not such a nice surprise was finding out that he died at the age of 30 in a plane crash with some of his fellow musicians in 1973.

Second, I received a recommendation from my best friend of a tune he’d heard in an episode of the Tim Roth-led Sky hit, Tin Star. I only made it about three episodes in so I never got as far as hearing this great piece from Leonard Cohen.

Leonard Cohen In Concert - New York, NY

According to my friend, the album was released just a couple of weeks before Cohen’s death. He recorded the majority of it in his living room in Los Angeles.

As usual, when I am introduced to these things one way or another, it always ends up leading me on to even further discoveries. I want to look out for the album as I’ve just learned there are some backing vocals on it from Alison Krauss.  She’s another of my favourite random TV discoveries, ever since I heard her singing on the Buffy the Vampire Slayer soundtrack years ago.

Hope you enjoy these two.

Have a good week. I’m certainly having a better one now that I’ve shifted the sinusitis that knocked me out last week.

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