Monday Music 19 – 2017

I’ve missed a couple of Mondays. This week I’m going with some of composer Angelo Badalamenti’s most moving music. I’ve cried twice watching David Lynch’s work. Both times it was during The Straight Story. It’s a film that doesn’t get a lot of attention amongst Lynch’s other films, perhaps because of its straightforward, biographical narrative. Honestly, however, it’s a magical piece of film-making which combines so many wonderful elements.

Firstly, there is Freddie Francis’ wonderful cinematography, wringing every drop of beauty from the landscape of rural America.  This was the first time that the two had worked together since Dune and Lynch thought that, as this was a story about an old man and the legendary Francis was in his eighties, “something felt so right about working with Freddie on this film…It was important to the feeling.” (Rodley p.255).

Secondly, there is the wonderful script by Mary Sweeney and fantastic acting throughout the cast, led by the late, great Richard Farnsworth.  It was the emotion of Sweeney’s script which finally convinced David Lynch to take on the project.

The two moments that make me well up are when Alvin and a fellow veteran trade stories in a bar about their experiences in World War II

and when he tells of his daughter Rose’s loss of her children in the wake of a fire. Badalamenti’s score, in this second example, coupled with Sissy Spacek’s poignant stare out of the window would melt even the most cynical heart.  All the music was recorded in Lynch’s own studio, Badalamenti conducting an ensemble of fourteen musicians.

This, then, is my Monday Music for this week.  I hope you enjoy it.

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Lynch on Lynch (Rodley, C. 2005 Faber and Faber)


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