Monday Music 10 – 2017


So, I went to see Alien: Covenant on Saturday night – my first trip to the cinema this year! I have to say, the film’s received a lot of criticism and it fails again to live up the incredibly high mark set by the first two films in the series. There were some excellent moments in it, however, and some genuine tension.  Just like the previous film, Prometheus, these were spread out too thinly over the film’s running time.  It was still an enjoyable couple of hours, though. I rarely go to the cinema these days and the steep asking price for tickets makes me, perhaps, a lot more critical of what I see.  In this, case, I didn’t feel robbed; I just felt that it could have been better.

Anyway, what does this have to do with Monday Music? Well, there was a little refrain in the film’s soundtrack to a piece of music from Prometheus. It’s one bit of that film that I really do like, composed by Harry Gregson-Williams.

The score to Prometheus was largely done by Ridley Scott’s frequent collaborator, German composer Marc Streitenfeld.  A couple of additional pieces were provided by Gregson-Williams, a Cambridge-educated English composer who has produced scores for video games in the Metal Gear series as well as many film and TV projects. He scored several films with Prometheus director Ridley Scott’s late brother Tony including Man on Fire, Unstoppable, Spy Game and Domino. He worked with Ridley Scott himself on The Martian and  Kingdom of Heaven and also did the music for my favourite animated film: Flushed Away.

This piece of music, entitled “Life”, is my favourite bit of the Prometheus soundtrack and it was lovely to hear it again in the new film.  I hope you enjoy it.


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