Time for 2nd draft

Today, I’m starting the process of writing the second draft of The Crossing, thanks to the great advice I received from Katie Clark and author, Leslie E Heath. So far, I’ve taken out a load of instances of passive voice which slows the pace of the story.

Additionally, I have found 128 uses of the word ‘seem’. It ‘seems’ like everything ‘seems’ to happen on the story rather than anything actually happening.

I also found nearly 50 uses of ‘suddenly’ which I’ve cut down to 5. It feels really good to be making these changes and seeing it improve as I go. 

I’ve just done all the begin, become and every variation of them. Oh my God, so much began to happen in the story!

Now I have to look at the filter words : felt, saw, heard, wondered, thought. I have to put people inside Paul’s head so we see things through his eyes, rather than seeing him seeing things. 

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