The Ardenna Crossing – Coming this December!

Hi everyone, It’s nearly four years now since I finished the first draft of The Ardenna Crossing: Between Two Worlds. Back then, it was just called The Crossing. I’ve tinkered with it and changed it; checked and double checked and now I’m all out of excuses. It’s time I shared it with all of you. […]

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Deleted Scenes #1

Hi there, As I said a few weeks ago, I am looking at some rewrites of the beginning of my book. Part of the process is what is referred to as ‘killing your darlings.’ That is the process of cutting large chunks of writing that you are really in love with but that ultimately don’t […]

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**Ardenna Crossing Update**

Editing begins Hi everyone, Just a quick post to let you know that I’ve finally found an editor to look at the book. I have enlisted the services of Therin Knite, of Knite and Day Publishing, who comes to me highly recommended. She is starting work on a developmental edit tomorrow, which I expect to […]

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The Ardenna Crossing – update

Thought I’d put out a little ‘state of the nation’ post. Firstly, to let everyone know where things stand and when they can expect some movement. Secondly, to figure all that out for myself. The Ardenna Crossing: Between Two Worlds The first novel in the series is completed and is at the 3rd draft stage.  […]

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Time for 2nd draft

Today, I’m starting the process of writing the second draft of The Crossing, thanks to the great advice I received from Katie Clark and author, Leslie E Heath. So far, I’ve taken out a load of instances of passive voice which slows the pace of the story. Additionally, I have found 128 uses of the […]

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