**Ardenna Crossing Update**

Editing begins

Hi everyone,

Just a quick post to let you know that I’ve finally found an editor to look at the book. I have enlisted the services of Therin Knite, of Knite and Day Publishing, who comes to me highly recommended. She is starting work on a developmental edit tomorrow, which I expect to have feedback from in about three weeks.  From there, I will be making whatever changes need to be made and then she will be doing a line edit of the new draft to ensure there is nothing else that needs attention.

Her company also does formatting for print and ebook versions and I will be using this to get the book ready for publication, hopefully later in the year.

I’m really excited by this development and it’s great to be moving forward finally with the next stage on the road to publication.

More updates should follow in a few weeks.

Thanks for reading,


If you don’t know about the project, check it out here:

About The Ardenna Crossing


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